Level Design:

- I initially sketched out a large volume of pen and paper prototypes to explore layouts regardless of theme. 
- Play-tested initial engine blockouts to determine what aspects needed to be changed. 
- Created a variety of assets for the levels, ensuring that they were contextually consistent.
- Designed and programmed a large number of level specific systems, such as the level-bounds volume and flag spawning systems for the CTF gamemode. 

Early Paper Blockouts alongside final results from the first theme.

Gameplay Design:

- Built an initial prototype to see how feasible the mechanics were alongside the visuals. 
- Polished and tuned the gameplay over the development of the game with feedback collected from organised playtesting sessions, both remotely and locally. 
- Programmed every system within the game with Blueprint visual scripting. 

(Unfortunately my housemates are better at the game than me, which is somewhat embarrassing.)

UI Design: 

- Designed all of the menus present within the game, taking them through several iterations in UMG from the initial wireframe. 
- Built a custom controller navigation system within Blueprint. 
- Worked in feedback from playtesting sessions to improve the readability. 
Full details on the development of the project can be found in the Journal, which documents some of the problems I had setting up specific systems and how I solved them.

An early Design Document can also be viewed that has the initial concept and vision for the game.
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