This is an ongoing personal project that was started in September 2021. What was originally an experiment in procedural level generation has turned into developing a full roguelike in an attempt to combine all that I have learnt over the past year. In addition to being a way to utilise all my technical knowledge and learn new techniques, I have also been practicing using more modern design tools such as to build a detailed wiki and track bugs.

- Procedural Level Generation
- 3D Animation Pipeline
- UE4 Blackboards and AI
- Enemy Management and Spawning
- 3D Modelling and Texturing
- Project Management

The overseer looms...

The Wiki

Having a wiki built on has been an incredibly useful tool over the course of the project. All features are tracked in a core page, sorted according to what stage they're currently at and how important they are to the demo. This tool in its current iteration has been very effective for time management and keep track of everything, and continues to evolve and improve in response to my needs.

Feature list. Each link here holds all the information on each feature and system in the game.

Item macro housed under the 'Item System' feature page. This holds all the information needed to implement a new item, and is also used to rapidly concept new ideas for items in a written format.

3D Animation Pipeline
This pipeline was developed to give me a solid understanding of how 3D models and animations are built and implemented in games. Moving forwards from developing this basic finger model, I have used this foundation to create more complex and interesting animations for differing contexts. This includes a first-person model for player character arms, an NPC shop vendor and even an item chest. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and have been enjoying animation since.This was the focus of one of my academic units for the MA, and a reel of all the animations made in that period can be found on vimeo.
Finger Wireframe.
Finger Wireframe.
Finger Wireframe w/texture.
Finger Wireframe w/texture.
Finger Rig.
Finger Rig.
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