The team for this game had me on programming and gameplay design, while the other team member designed all the the sprites and 2D assets. Once I had come up with a suitable idea for the game jam theme, it was my job to put the game together. While iterating on the gameplay loop was a team effort, I wanted to work on the idea initially as a way to practice some theory.

Feed DOIF the correct items! If a particular item isn't available, stun him and pull the lever to give him memory loss and request a new item!

Primary Achievements
- Created a fun and competitive gameplay loop, with people comparing scores on Twitter and in various messaging groups.
- Successfully beat several challenges and problems that arose in the design, specifically with the initial idea, and restarting three times before settling on the final product.
- Worked entirely remote with each team member residing in their respective countries. (Over 1500 miles apart!)

demon DOIF was recently mentioned in a PC Gamer article!

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