The team for this game consisted of one 2D artist, a sound artist and myself. My role for this project was to program the entirety of the game and implement all the assets in Unreal Engine after they were handed to me, which included designing the levels within the game. The core idea was a collaborative design, but I was in charge of designing additional mechanics and managing playtesting.

Oh no, that's not good.

Primary Achievements:
   - Designed 6 levels, with 3 gradual introductory levels for each mechanic followed by 3 levels of increasing difficulty.
   - Implemented post-processing effects to add polish to the style.
   - Programmed every mechanic in the game with Unreal Engines Blueprint.
   - Designed the menu screens.
   - Managed the team to maintain a consistent feel across all assets from 2D to sound to UI.
Mechanic Insights:
   - Gates - Given that the core idea was to rescue all monsters in a level in order to progress, I needed to come up with items that slow the players progress and make them spend more time on the single screen level. The gates blocked the player from getting to certain monsters in a level and required a specific type to open. This was a useful level design tool and created some interesting scenarios.
   - Arrow Obstacle - This is a common feature in games of this nature, providing an obstacle that clearly harms the player. however I decided to go a bit further with it, allowing it to harm the monsters. This means that if you don't guide the monsters directly, they can be killed by an arrow and the player is required to make their way back to the monster's spawn point increasing the playtime on a level and allowing for a greater feeling of accomplishment when finishing a level.
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